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§1 Introduction

I respect your privacy. The company JACEKPACIOREK.COM Jacek Paciorek reserves the right to make changes to the Privacy Policy. Every customer and user of our services use them under current Privacy Policy located at:

Any changes do not affect the basic rule: do not sell or disclose to third parties personally identifiable information or address customers / users of our services. If you do not agree with this Privacy Policy, please do not use our services that require to fill out of your data.

§2 Personal data

When using the services belonging to the company JACEKPACIOREK.COM Jacek Paciorek, you may be asked to provide certain personally identifiable information by filling out a form or otherwise. Require only the data that are necessary for the smooth operation of the service and to contact you.

§3 Subscription of free newsletters

Subscribing to free electronic newsletters belonging to the company JACEKPACIOREK.COM Jacek Paciorek you must enter in appropriate form your name and e-mail or just e-mail address. These fields are mandatory. Data obtained in this way are added to the mailing list. E-mail address is required for this to be able to send an issue of the magazine. Name allows us to refer to the readers by name.

§4 Ordering products and services

Ordering of services offered by JACEKPACIOREK.COM Jacek Paciorek requires a fuller form with personal data. Mandatory fields are marked.

§5 Payments

All payments for services and products offered by JACEKPACIOREK.COM Jacek Paciorek take place on-line via the national and international payment services. In some cases, by prior arrangement, there is the possibility of payment by bank transfer.

§6 Guarantee of satisfaction

The company JACEKPACIOREK.COM Jacek Paciorek grants their own services and products by unconditional guarantee of satisfaction. It is based on the reimbursement of duties paid if the client will not be properly satisfied with purchase. The default warranty period is 30 days from the purchase date. If the guarantee of satisfaction has a different period it is specified with a given product or service. During the guarantee of satisfaction is not required to give any reasons for cancellation by the customer.

§7 Cooperation

The company JACEKPACIOREK.COM Jacek Paciorek is closely related to other entities (projects, companies and Internet services, both own and third parties). This cooperation includes joint activities through the Internet (e-Business, on-line) and in the traditional business (off-line). To that extent which applies to actions accruing to the company JACEKPACIOREK.COM Jacek Paciorek this privacy policy also applies. In particular:

  • HODŻA.PL Jacek Paciorek
  • HILLTOP Anna Paciorek

§8 Unexpected messages

The company JACEKPACIOREK.COM Jacek Paciorek reserves the right to send unsolicited messages to people whose are on the mailing list and who agreed to the Privacy Policy.

The term unsolicited the company JACEKPACIOREK.COM Jacek Paciorek understands us the information directly relating to its services, magazines and products (eg, changes, promotions), non-commercial letters (eg wishes, personal comments, etc.) and commercial information whose deliveries were paid by clients of JACEKPACIOREK.COM Jacek Paciorek or closely cooperating entities (see § 7).

§9 Cookies

Some areas of the sites belonging to the company JACEKPACIOREK.COM Jacek Paciorek may use cookies, which are small text files sent to the computer to identify it as needed to simplify or cancel the operation. Cookies are harmless to your computer or its user and its data. The condition of cookies is their acceptance by the browser and not deleting them from disk.

§10 Conclusion

This Privacy Policy is an integral part of The Regulations of the company JACEKPACIOREK.COM Jacek Paciorek.

Thank you for your trust!
Jacek Paciorek
owner of the company JACEKPACIOREK.COM Jacek Paciorek
Poland, Milanówek,
valid from 2012-01-15

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